If, at some point in the future, circumstances change for your senior family member and living alone no longer seems safe or secure, we can help you choose an appropriate alternative. That may include semi-independent living, Personal Care or Licensed Assisted Living. In any event, with 30 years’ experience caring for thousands of seniors, our long term commitment to those needing eldercare, and those with serious healthcare needs, is a widely known fact earned over decades of owning and operating Medicare and Medicaid-based Home Health, In-Home Hospice and Hospice Inpatient Units.

Over the past few decades, The Mann House has built a strong reputation with families and residents who require round the clock care for later stage Alzheimer’s/Dementia, advanced Memory Care issues and numerous other chronic conditions when remaining in their private residence is no longer possible.

On behalf of the management and staff, we’re proud to say that we have a rock solid legacy of unrivaled healthcare for 3 decades.